Interventionell Radiologisches Olbert Symposium

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

ProgrammMusculoskeletal oncologic interventions

Musculoskeletal oncologic interventions

Every day, interventional radiologists are approached by patients to resolve their MSK pathologies. In recent years, considerable technological progress has been made as a consequence of the extraordinary outcomes of minimally invasive techniques, which have helped countless patients to achieve pain relief and avoid many of the complications associated with open surgery.

In this hands-on device training (HDT), the most common MSK procedures will be discussed, and devices for each of these procedures will be presented and available for participants to practice with.

The HDT sessions aim to provide an overview of the different devices and techniques available for specific topics as well as to allow hands-on experience for the participants. After a short kick-off presentation by the HDT coordinators, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the specifics as well as safe and effective use of the available technology in an interactive setting. Each HDT will feature a round-table discussion with the coordinators at the end of each session, allowing participants to ask questions and provide feedback. Participating industry partners will provide an overview of their devices and technologies.


A. Kelekis (Athens/GR), R.L. Cazzato (Strasbourg/FR)


Tuesday, April 18

10:30-12:00   Musculoskeletal oncologic interventions
15:00-16:30   Musculoskeletal oncologic interventions

How to participate

Please note that participation is free of charge, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. As all hands-on training sessions offer practical medical training, participation is for qualified medical professionals only.