Interventionell Radiologisches Olbert Symposium

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden


Dr. Emanuele Barabino

First author, “Strategies to avoid biliary injuries during thermal ablation of primary and secondary liver tumors close to the biliary tree.”

Why did you choose ECIO to submit your educational abstract?


I recently entered the field of interventional oncology, and during the pandemic I followed ECIO 2020 and 2021 online and I was astounded by the many high-quality presentations. In my department, we perform a small number of interventional oncology treatments, and we are still lacking the numbers to conduct clinical studies. However, we performed many challenging procedures and I thought that an educational poster that reported our experiences and what we learned (but also what we missed), would be the best way to participate in the congress.

Are there any special considerations to take into account when submitting this type of abstract?


I think that educational abstracts should focus on a very specific topic, possibly on one that is scarcely reported in the literature.


How did you find the submission process?


The submission process was easy-to-use and fast.


Do you have any tips for physicians considering submitting an abstract?


I think that the authors should try to be as brief and straightforward as possible. I believe that pictures are the most important part of the poster, as powerful or evocative images tend to impress more than the written content.


Will you submit an abstract for ECIO 2023 as well?


Yes, I will submit abstracts for ECIO 2023!