Interventional Systems at ECIO 2022
Interventional Systems
Micromate - now with planning and naviagation features


This year, at ECIO 2022, Interventional Systems is debuting some special additions to Micromate™, our medical robotic platform.

Micromate™ empowers interventional radiologists and oncologists with an affordable, easy-to-use, full-fledged miniature robotic platform for biopsies, tumor ablations, and other percutaneous needle interventions, with unmatched submillimeter accuracy and precison.

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Now, on to the two additions we’re bringing to the ECIO 2022 table:

  • Micromate™ is now compatible with CT! We’re adding a new imaging modality to our product offering. “Why did you add CT to our offering?”, you might ask. That has something to do with the second big piece of news we have to share:
  • Introducing Micromate Navi+, the all-in-one planning and navigation station you've been waiting for:
Micromate Navi+

This is all for now.

For those of you joining us at ECIO, we’ll be at booth #17 for the duration of the event and we’ll have a meeting room for private demos on Monday, April 25th. You can schedule yours beforehand here.

Not attending ECIO 2022? No problem whatsoever: you can always schedule an online demo here.

Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

We’re hoping to hear from you soon!

Going to #ECIO2022? Find us at booth #17! 

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